CS18C Multi Box Grater

Perfect for preparing Salad, Sandwiches & Snacks
Quality: Sharp stainless steel blade slices vegetables with ease.
5 Install Blades: Slicer, Julienne, Wavy slicer, Coarse grater & grater.
Compact design: All Blades & Food holder are conveniently attached in the Main body for compact storage.
Easy to use: Plug and use with ease.
Safety: Transparent food holder allows you to view food while slicing. It can secure the food and protect your fingers.
Easy to Clean: All components are dishwasher safe or hand washable.


5 Blades install


Product size(mm):
320L x 120W x 95H
Plastic part:
ABS (Main Unit, Blade Holder)
PP (Food Holder)
SAN(Food Container)
SUS301 (Julienne Blade)
SUS420J2 (Slicing Blade)
SUS304 (Wavy Blade, Coarse Grater, Grater)




Demonstration Video


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